Alianzas Internacionales

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Martinot Abogados is a member of LawPact since 2015. LawPact is an international association and an independent law firm network assisting clients on every legal aspect. Founded in 2001 in United States has a mission to seek for customer service excellence, technology application and to create an international panel to assist members’ clients on legal needs globally.

LawPact is present in United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Austria, Belgium, Cypress, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, India and United Arab Emirates.

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IR Global is a professional service company network where members offer legal, accounting and financial services to companies in more tan 155 jurisdictions. IR Global is formed by most renowned legal, accounting and finance advisors in the world, exclusively recommended for each jurisdiction and area of legal practice. Martinot Abogados is a member of IR Global since 2018.

We look to offer our services from a different perspective sharing IR Global’s philosophy, which is oriented to develop business with a strategic support based on an ethical, sustainable, and client oriented added-value generation system, reason why professional from other areas are added into their practice developing solid relationships and business opportunities for clients.